About the Artist


Dan Borg, of Borg Mosaics, has been a resident of Portland since he moved there from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in 1993. After over 25 years of working in a variety of construction related fields, he has combined his love of art and his skill at working with recycled building materials into creating high-end custom mosaics. He is often asked questions such as “Where in the world did you find those fern leaves?” and  “How did you make that hummingbird?” His answer, “I cut them out of tile with my wet saw.”


“Working with mosaics has changed the way that I look at everything.  The geometry of a sunflower, the symmetry of a butterfly, the composition of a tortoise shell, and the architectural genius in a spider web—all of it fascinates me.  I find myself constantly trying to reduce images to their most basic elements yet still figure how to retain their ethereal, magical qualities. I know that the challenge of converting hard cold substances into living, breathing representations of life will always elude me, but I am inspired to keep on trying. Turning steel into gossamer, porcelain into feather down, glass into water—and doing it all to scale. These are the impossible feats that I dream of.”     -Dan Borg