Custom Mosaic Design and Fabrication

“I get so much pleasure in taking items that have been discarded and transforming them into lasting works of art.” –Dan Borg

Although not opposed to using new materials, Dan Borg of Borg Mosaics specializes in taking reclaimed or recycled materials and using them to create works of art. Whether you are looking for a small piece to hang on your wall, an eye-catching rendition of your business logo to adorn the floor of your reception area, or a customized one-of-a-kind shower stall or fireplace surround, Borg Mosaics can create something that suits your needs and represents your individuality.
Over the years Dan has collected an extensive inventory of colors, textures and unique finishes as well as an eclectic collection of found objects that he often whimsically weaves into his creations.   Dan uses found objects, wire, glass beads together with intricately cut pieces of tile and stone to create incredibly detailed botanicals, insects, and animals.

mosaic mosaic
borgPhoto courtesy of Eben Waggoner Photography
Commissioned Art

Commissioned Pieces of Art

Whether you are looking for something small to hang on your kitchen wall, a large piece of mosaic sculpture for your garden, or a series of unique tables for your restaurant, have Borg Mosaics create lasting, unique works of art specifically for you.

Business Logos

Interested in having your business logo transformed into a strikingly beautiful mosaic on the floor of your lobby?  Want to turn your family crest into something that can be passed down to your heirs?  Whether you want it duplicated exactly or rendered into something evocative of the original, Borg Mosaics can transform it into an eye-catching symbol of your uniqueness.

Architectural Mosaics

Tile, stone, glass and metal—materials that have stood the test of time for ages, are the principal elements of Borg Mosaics creations.  Dan carefully designs each mosaic to be a functional and timeless work of art that can withstand the test of daily living.  Each of his one-of-a-kind pieces is meticulously assembled "off site" in his studio onto fiberglass mesh and then transported directly to the installation site.  Dan works with licensed and bonded installers who install these unique creations using the same standards and techniques that meet or exceed those applied to traditional tile setting.
The Process

The Process of Creating an Architectural Mosaic

Because Dan approaches each of his mosaics as a labor of love his preparation process is detailed and thorough.  The first step is meeting with the client to get a sense of what the goals for the project are.  Dan does extensive research, taking photos, measurements and creates a detailed template of the space.  Then he is able to take this info back to his studio to begin the detailed process of cutting and assembling the bits of tile, stone and glass that comprise the finished piece.  Once the pieces have been assembled off-site they are brought back to the space and permanently installed. 1859 Oregon's Magazine Winter 2011      

Borg Mosaics was recently featured in 1859 Oregon Magazine.